Title Search and Clearance

Title Clearing

It’s relatively unknown that over a quarter of all registered aircraft in the United States are the subject of some to some type of title cloud. Often times, title encumbrances aren’t valid b/c of their improper timing, inappropriate structure, or incorrect procedure. Such encumbrances, while illegitimate clouds on title, require clearing.

Elite Aircraft Title understands the process required to clear clouds on title. We work as your agent to contact all lienholders, secured, and interested parties. We obtain all requisite case documentation, signatories’ signatures, legal statements, including written affidavits, and present the paperwork to the appropriate organizations and agencies, in order to clear such title encumbrances.

Aircraft Title Search

An aircraft title search is an official report that shows the actual individual or corporate name of the an aircraft’s registered owner and it’s prior owner. The report details any liens or other issues of title that have been recorded at the FAA as well. It’s the first report most interested parties require, when engaging in an aircraft transaction.

Chain of Title Reporting Service

A chain of title report is similar to a real estate title report. The information produced from this report shows a list of all past and present owners of an aircraft from the time it left the manufacturer until present. The report includes name and address information for the parties.

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