International Registry PUE

Elite Aircraft Title provides administration services for individuals and companies that care to register their interests in aircraft with the International Registry. We act as your registered Professional User Entity (“PUE”) to file and communicate with the International Registry.


The International Registry (“IR”) was created on March 1st, 2006, with the issuance of the Cape Town Treaty and International Registry of Mobile Assets (“Cape Town Treaty”). The Cape Town Treaty set up a registry, designed to record interests in specific types of aircraft and appurtenances, around the globe, regardless of the citizenship of the Parties or the subject chattel. The registry helps determine the priority of international interests, and has supplanted FAA registry filings when perfecting priority interests. The change in law means that those individuals and entities with security interests in eligible aircraft will file with the International Registry subsequent to filing with the FAA, and that “IR” filings. Under United States law, those Parties will win battles against subsequently registered and/or unregistered international claims/interests.