Escrow Services

Elite Aircraft Title is a bonded and insured, security sensitive aircraft escrow service with almost 20 years of experience, providing a neutral third-party safe haven for transactional funds and documents. To ensure confidential, secure transactions, we employ the following:

  • conduct FAA records searches (including title and lien searches)
  • conduct International Registry records searches (if applicable)
  • determine the specific documents required by the FAA in order to properly transfer title to the subject aircraft
  • receive Seller, Lienholder, and Buyer’s documentation into escrow
  • receive Buyer’s funds into escrow
  • disburse funds per Buyer’s instructions
  • concurrently file documents with both the FAA and where applicable, the International Registry.

Elite also provides document-only escrow services to clients who don’t need the funds facilities. Contact us for a free services consultation at 405.550.0335, or by email at