Additional Services

Aircraft Records Search

An aircraft records search produces accurate information relating to an aircraft’s registration and certificates of airworthiness, as well as other background data relating to aircraft history.

Import and Export Filing

In today’s worldwide economy, aircraft are bought and sold between nations on a regular basis. Elite Aircraft Title helps clients maneuver through the complex world of international aircraft transactions. We assist clients to both import their new purchases and export their departing aircraft. Elite has provided support for over 400 international aircraft imports/exports.

Accident/Incident Report

The accident/incident report is an important search for transacting parties because the report documents any past accidents or incidents that the aircraft may have been involved in, as well as the repairs that may have been completed on the aircraft. The report accesses information from the databases at the FAA and NTSB, the two information centers with the most comprehensive information regarding such events.

FAA Aircraft Records on CD ROM:

The FAA has available for purchase, CD ROM’s, which have a compilation of aircraft-specific documents. However, the CD often misses recently filed FAA documents—which haven’t been placed on the CD, including FAA 337 changes, registration information, or filed/recorded liens. Therefore, parties will often get an aircraft title expert to review the CD and conduct a full title, lien, records, and accident/incident report, and provide a report of their findings.

Engine and Propeller Lien Reports:

Engines and Propellers are not subject to the same types of liens that aircraft airframes are subject to. Mechanics and Artisan liens don’t apply to engines, but can be placed on actual airframes. In order to qualify for lien placement, an engine must have 500 shaft horsepower or thrust lbs. Additionally, a propeller must be capable of handling 750 shaft horsepower. Engine lien reports provide a list of liens or encumbrances as well as unrecorded documents (unrecorded for any reason).

Airman Aviation and Medical Records:

We are able to act as agents for Airmen who provide us with written consent to do so. In that capacity, we request certified copies of airman and medical files on your behalf, and communicate in detail with the FAA.

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